Spine Hospital Neurosurgeons Speak at 84th AANS Annual Scientific Meeting

Neurosurgeons at The Spine Hospital at the Neurological Institute of New York saw the skyscrapers and felt the hustle and bustle of a city other than New York for a few days.

And they weren’t the only ones. Neurosurgeons from all over the United States and other countries traveled to Chicago for the 84th American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS) Annual Scientific Meeting, April 30–May 4.

The annual meeting is an opportunity for neurosurgeons to immerse themselves in learning, teaching and exploring the latest neurosurgical science and practice. And when they leave, they bring back the best care to their patients.

This year, five Spine Hospital neurosurgeons taught at the AANS Annual Scientific Meeting. The meeting theme was “Neurosurgery Leading the Way” and emphasized neurosurgeons’ roles as leaders both inside the operating room and outside in the classroom and laboratory.

Continuing with their tradition of including lectures from the field’s top leaders, the conference organizers also included a leadership development course.

The Spine Hospital at the Neurological Institute neurosurgeons view the AANS Annual Scientific Meeting as an opportunity to both further their own education and give back through teaching, or leading.

Each year, they instruct practical clinics, moderate discussions and speak about their spine surgery specializations—whether it’s spinal cord tumors, minimally invasive surgery or scoliosis.

Being able to share their expertise is rewarding. They get to help fellow neurosurgeons provide quality care to patients across the nation and around the globe.

Throughout the AANS Annual Scientific Meeting, attendees listened to lectures and participated in discussions about current topics, like updates on managing spine and spinal cord injury.

They also learned in a hands-on fashion during practical clinics—workshops offered on a slew of topics, such as spine surgery techniques.

The AANS meeting has wrapped up, and our neurosurgeons are settled back in New York enjoying the familiar hustle and bustle of their home city and seeing their patients.  Look out for more news about our neurosurgeons’ conference activities!

Learn more about the neurosurgeons who presented at the AANS meeting on their bio pages listed below:

Dr. Paul C. McCormick
Dr. Michael G. Kaiser
Dr. Peter D. Angevine
Dr. Donald O. Quest
Dr. Richard C.E. Anderson

Image Credit: © [doomu]/Adobe Stock

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