Signs Point to Spine Hospital ‘Top Doctor’ Recipients

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Choosing the right doctor can sometimes feel like driving without a map in a new city. You know your destination—the best doctor—but you don’t know how to get there. A sign pointing you in the right direction would be nice. And Castle Connolly Medical Ltd. has just that: Top Doctor guidebooks.

Top Doctor guidebooks provide a sense of direction because they contain a thoroughly researched and vetted list of the top doctors. Also, being published annually ensures the information in the guidebooks is up to date and useful.

Receiving this distinction is regarded so highly because it’s no easy task. First, recipients are nominated by their peers as doctors who provide outstanding care. Once nominated, a doctor’s name is sent to a physician-led team at Castle Connolly so they can assess whether the doctor is indeed a Top Doctor.

The vetting process requires the physician-led team to meticulously analyze the nominees’ credentials, training, accomplishments, malpractice history and more. The doctors who make it past this vetting process earn a place in the Top Doctor guide.

Castle Connolly provides an extra piece of advice for using Top Doctor guidebooks effectively: The doctors listed in the guidebooks are the very best doctors, but there are doctors providing high-quality care who are not on the list.

Top Doctor guides serve to help patients refine their search and follow the signs that point to the best doctors.

This year, those signs point to several neurosurgeons at The Spine Hospital at the Neurological Institute of New York who received the 2016 Top Doctor distinction.

Several Spine Hospital doctors were featured in one of three Top Doctor guides: America’s Top Doctors, America’s Top Doctors for Cancer and Top Doctors: New York Metro Area. A few appeared in two of the guides, and Dr. Paul C. McCormick made all three!

Neurosurgeons named in America’s Top Doctors, a nationwide distinction:

Dr. Paul C. McCormick
Dr. Michael G. Kaiser
Dr. Richard C.E. Anderson

Neurosurgeon named in America’s Top Doctors for Cancer, a nationwide distinction for the cancer specialty:

Dr. Paul C. McCormick

Neurosurgeons named in Top Doctors: New York Metro Area, a regional distinction:

Dr. Paul C. McCormick
Dr. Michael G. Kaiser
Dr. Peter D. Angevine
Dr. Donald O. Quest
Dr. Richard C.E. Anderson

Earning Top Doctor status is an exciting accomplishment. A round of applause for all!

Image Credit: © [Maksim Kabakou]/Adobe Stock

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