Winter 2016 Highlights from The Spine Hospital

Winter 2016The snowflakes are falling, and winter coats are on. The joy of the season is in the air here at The Spine Hospital at the Neurological Institute of New York. Here are some of our most memorable stories so far this season.

1. The Inspiring Spine: Dr. Evan Johnson Brings Experts Together to Advance Spine Care

The North American Spine Society annual meeting descended on Boston once again—and Director of Physical Therapy Evan Johnson, DPT, joined too. This meeting is where people passionate about the spine convene and knowledge is shared.

Being an expert in his field, Dr. Johnson paired up with a colleague to moderate a conference panel about shoulder and neck pain, which can be difficult to distinguish and challenging to treat. Together, they organized a panel of experts who shared how they overcome these challenges.

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2. Dr. Quest Honored by NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia Society of the Alumni
Dr. Donald O. Quest has earned an outstanding reputation at Columbia, having been a neurosurgeon and educator here for 40 years. And the NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia Society of the Alumni recognized his unwavering service by honoring him during their annual dinner.

Upon receiving the award, Dr. Quest said to the audience, “I feel blessed to have spent my career here, and I am grateful for and humbled by this award.”

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3. Rarest of the Rare: Chiari Patients Who Also Need Fusion

Recently, Dr. Richard C.E. Anderson taught other neurosurgeons how to diagnose a condition called Chiari Malformation I. Chiari I is a rare condition where the lower part of the brain is pushed down into the spinal canal. But what’s even more rare are those Chiari patients who also have an unstable joint between the base of the skull and top of the spine.

Identifying which Chiari patients have this complication is difficult but essential in order to perform the appropriate procedure and avoid multiple surgeries. That’s where Dr. Anderson’s expertise comes in.

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4. Dr. Quest: Navy Pilot Turned Neurosurgeon

This past Veterans Day the story of how Dr. Donald O. Quest became a Navy pilot was shared, along with how his naval service during the Vietnam War shaped him into the admirable neurosurgeon he is today. His memories of war may not be pleasant, but nonetheless, they influenced several of his life choices and taught him valuable life lessons.

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5. Lucky Is the Man With the Titanium Cage in His Spine

Most people who have a snowmobile accident don’t consider themselves lucky—except for those who could have been left paralyzed. One such person is a 65-year-old patient of Dr. Michael G. Kaiser. After the accident, this patient found himself in the emergency room with several broken bones, including a few in his back, and a long road to recovery.

During a full evaluation of the patient, Dr. Kaiser found that the crushed bone around the middle of his spine wasn’t healing correctly and could in fact damage his spinal cord permanently. He needed surgery to repair the crushed bone—and protect his spinal cord.

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Learn more about The Spine Hospital neurosurgeons mentioned in these posts at their bio pages below.

Dr. Anderson
Dr. Kaiser
Dr. Quest

Learn more about physical therapist Dr. Johnson at his bio page here.

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