Columbia Neurosurgeons Kick off Annual CNS Meeting at Opening Reception

Columbia University Medical Center Neurosurgeons enjoyed a lively evening on Sunday at the opening reception of the annual meeting of the Congress of Neurological Surgeons (CNS) in San Francisco. This get-together is a great opportunity for them to see their colleagues and friends and to speak informally about the work they are doing here at Columbia. It is a terrific setting to start off the meeting’s collegial atmosphere.

Many of Columbia’s neurosurgeons and their New Jersey affiliates are attending this meeting not only to share their own work but to collaborate and learn about the different approaches and specialties of other neurosurgeons from around the globe. This is part of their commitment to build community within their field for the effective spread of knowledge and, in turn, to improve patient care everywhere.

To top off the evening with what has become a yearly tradition, esteemed neurosurgeon, Dr. Donald Quest entertained the crowd with his trombone. He really got into it this year, to the delight of all.

The meeting is in session from October 19-23, 2013 in San Francisco, California and this year’s theme is Evolution of NeurosurgeryWe are here until Wednesday and we encourage you to follow us on twitter at @ColumbiaNeuro and Facebook to keep up with us.

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