Dr McCormick video on microsurgical resection of a synovial cyst causing severe lumbar spinal stenosis published in Operative Neurosurgery

Synovial Cysts are a benign and fairly common condition in adult patients. They can arise in most joints throughout the body. In most cases they are asymptomatic but in the spine they can enlarge to produce severe spinal stenosis and pressure on the spinal nerves causing leg pain, numbness, or weakness. These cysts arise from the facet joints of the lumbar spine and are likely caused by increasing ‘wear and tear’ stresses to the synovial covering spinal joints. Synovial tissue covers most joint surfaces. It produces synovial fluid which reduces the friction between movable joints. Safe drainage and complete removal of the cyst wall is the key to surgical treatment. In this published video, Dr McCormick both describes and illustrates the techniques he utilizes to effectively expose and remove a large lumbar synovial cyst. The patient did very well and was discharged on the day of surgery. He has made a complete recovery and has no limitations.


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