A ‘Grand’ Spine Presentation from a Former Colleague

Sometimes, Grand Rounds are more than just a chance for doctors to learn about advances in neurosurgery. Sometimes, the presentations offer a chance to catch up with old colleagues.

Such was the case recently when Dr. Charles Riedel returned to Columbia to conduct Grand Rounds.

Dr. Riedel called Columbia home during his residency training program in the late 1980s and early 1990s.  He trained under the mentorship of renowned spinal surgeons like Dr. Paul McCormick.

As Dr McCormick recalls, “Chuck was one of the most gifted surgeons to train at Columbia. But more than that he was a great person. We were so fortunate that he joined our faculty following his residency.”

When he completed his residency training, Dr. Riedel joined Columbia faculty. He served as Assistant Professor for the Department of Neurological Surgery for a time.

Now a DC-area neurosurgeon, Dr. Riedel’s specialties include minimally invasive spine surgery. He was invited back to his old stomping grounds to conduct a Grand Rounds presentation on certain types of techniques involved with minimally invasive spine surgery–specifically, imaging and navigation.

After his Grand Rounds presentation, Dr. Riedel ran a hands-on lab for current residents. He came prepared with spine models, bone screws, and navigation equipment. The residents used the navigation equipment and techniques Dr. Riedel had discussed to practice placing the screws in the spine models.

For colleagues like Dr. McCormick who mentored Dr. Riedel decades ago, as well as for residents who met him for the first time, it was a “grand” morning of continuing education.

Learn more about Dr. McCormick on his bio page here.

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