Dr. McCormick Presents at Worldwide Symposium on Brain and Spinal Cord Tumors

Dr. McCormick was invited to join a faculty of world renowned neurosurgical experts from around the world to present his techniques for the removal of benign tumors from inside the spinal cord. The X Annual Masters Live Course (https://www.neurosurgery-courses.com) is based in London and includes leading neurosurgeons from around the world who have set the standards for surgery on complex tumors of the Brain and Spinal Cord. Dr. McCormick described and illustrated in detail the surgical strategies and microsurgical techniques he utilizes for the safe and successful removal of a thoracic spinal cord ependymoma. These are rare tumors arising within the middle of the spinal cord. Their removal requires gently opening the spinal cord and delicately separating the tumor from surrounding spinal cord using precise techniques and strategies as described by Dr. McCormick. At a separate question and answer session Dr. McCormick described new innovations and approaches to rare spinal cord tumors and avoidance of surgical complications.


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