Dr. McCormick presents at Neuroscience Grand Rounds on Spinal Tumors at Tufts Medical Center in Boston

Dr. McCormick was invited as Visiting Professor to present his experience and expertise in the surgical management of tumors arising both inside (intramedullary) and immediately outside (intradural extramedullary) of the spinal cord. These tumors are usually benign and treated with surgical removal. However, safe and effective removal of these tumors requires experienced judgment and precise technical skills due to the delicate and vulnerable nature of the spinal cord and nerve roots. Stability of the spine may also be a consideration. Dr McCormick presented his experience with patient evaluation and selection, noting that not all patients need surgery, especially if the tumor is small and slow growing. Techniques of removal, the use of intraoperative monitoring, complication avoidance, replacement of the removed bone with laminoplasty, and innovative strategies and surgical approaches were presented.

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