Dr. McCormick Publishes Innovative Technique for Microsurgical Removal of a Rare Spinal Cord Tumor

Dr. McCormick, an expert in surgical treatment of spinal cord tumors, publishes a peer reviewed publication that includes a description and video of an innovative approach for safe resection of a benign spinal cord tumor in Operative Neurosurgery. Hemangioblastomas are benign tumors comprised of blood vessel tissue that may arise from the brain or spinal cord. They may occur randomly or as part of an inherited condition known as von Hippel-Lindau syndrome. These are rare tumors and account for less than 5% of brain and spinal cord tumors. Dr McCormick has written extensively on these tumors, especially regarding the microsurgical techniques for safe removal. While most of these tumors are attached to the posterior or back part of the spinal cord, a small percentage of these tumors may arise from the ventral, or front surface of the spinal cord. This location is very difficult to safely access surgically and elevates the risk of surgery. In this peer-reviewed video publication Dr. McCormick describes and illustrates through a high-quality video a more direct anterior approach to a hemangioblastoma located on the front surface of the spinal cord in the cervical spine. The patient recovered fully after the surgery.

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