Dr. Paul McCormick’s Patient Sings His Praises in ‘Neurology Now’

A year ago, we posted a story about Sara Gilbert Nadler-Goldstein, a woman with complex medical issues who had spine surgery with Dr. Paul McCormick from The  Spine Hospital at the Neurological Institute of New York (read our story: Sometimes it Takes a Village–to Treat a Patient).

Sara is singing Dr. McCormick’s praises again in an article she has written for the Speak Up blog on Neurology Now: The American Academy of Neurology’s Magazine for Patients and Care Givers. In her article, Collaboration of Care at Its Finest, Sara says:

Dr. McCormick continued to monitor me for the next year as I healed from surgery. In addition to monitoring my physical progress, he was also interested in my emotional well-being. It is important that when a patient is recovering from surgery, he or she has a good support system—including their physician, who can advocate on the patient’s behalf. I was most privileged to have Dr. McCormick help secure the medical care that I needed for my recovery.

In the article, Sara also pays homage to two other Spine Hospital team members: Dr. Peter Angevine, a neurosurgeon who assisted with her surgery; and Dr. Evan Johnson, a physical therapist who helped her rehabilitate.

Check out Sara’s article here to learn more.

Posted on Feb 28, 2013 by Department Author

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